Auction 9.2.15 inspiration

Posted on 02 September 2015

We love online shopping. Online shopping is just a click away from your favorite item arriving on your doorstep without ever leaving the house. The Find Auctions is all about making the shopping experience as easy as possible. Find, Click, buy. 


Hello September!! We gladly greet you. September brings school, football, fall clothes and cooler weather [most of the time]. One of our favorite things about September is the fall colors and layers. Dress + Boots + Vests + Cardigans + Leather are now acceptable. Our auction tonight is all about color, animal print and layers. 

1. Dylan Faux Shearling, Dakota Faux Shearling & Harper Vests


These shearling vests are two of our best selling items the past month. We are in LOVE with the faux shearling vests. We are so excited to add our Harper Quilted Vest to the group. Vests add an extra layer of warmth, as well as, add to your outfit. Vests are the perfect and most practical accessory. One of my favorite things about vests, is that you can wear them with anything and everything. Throw them on with leather pants, a skirt or a dress and you have just added another way to wear the outfit. 


2. Ellie Dress in Red


Red. Red is bold color. I love it. There is this underlying "rule" that red should be reserved for holidays, but why?! Red is a bolder pink. Red truly looks good on every skin tone and the celebrities and fashion bloggers prove it. Our Ellie dress in black sold out in a flash. We think that the red is equally as cute! Take the leap and purchase the red-- you won't regret it :)



3. Beckham Plaid Top


We love plaid. Plaid can be worn year round. You can wear it with jean shorts to jeans. Plaid is slowly becoming more high fashion. Let's look at Burberry for a second.... Their main design is plaid. Look below to see how the celebs fashioned their plaid. *Note: Reese Witherspoon paired hers with a vest--enter in our Dylan or Dakota or even our Fiona Fringe. 


4. Lily Colorblock Tunic


Color blocking has been around for forever. It really does not ever go out of style, but i do think that color blocking is more "in" some years than others. This year, it is IN. Amanda Seyfried wore her black and white color block dress (pictured below) to the U.S. open this week. We love our lily because you can wear it casually with flats or dress it up with black tights and heels. 


5. Hudson Little Black Dress

LBDs are essential to every wardrobe. Having a black dress is a must! The Hudson is the perfect dress. We love the v-neck detailing. Black dresses can be worn to everything and anything. You can add pops of color and any accessory you want. The best part, you can never have too many! 


  Make sure you shop our auction tonight at 8:30 on our Facebook page. Can't wait to see you there!



*we do not claim any of these pictures as our own. If you would like your picture taken down, please let us know.*

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  • Molly : September 10, 2015

    Loving this blog!!!! Great ideas and helpful for the peops who need a little help styling!

  • The Find Auctions: September 03, 2015

    Hey Donna! Yes there was an auction on our Facebook page! It is still posted :)

  • Donna Millspaugh : September 02, 2015

    Was there an auction tonight? I saw the Auction 9.2.15 Inspiration, but didn’t see usual Wednesday night auction.

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