Auction 9.9.15

Posted on 09 September 2015

In the early '00s, the summer season was bracketed by Memorial and Labor Day. Between those months, white was worn daily to avoid heat strokes. As Labor Day approached, wealthy women began to dictate that white was not to be worn after Labor Day....centuries later, we still "follow" their fashion rules. Although, today, the "no white after Labor Day" rule is fading (especially in the great state of Texas where cool weather does not arrive until October). 
Even though white might be 'out', we say ivory is 'in'. Tonights auction is focused on ushering in the fall looks and colors. We gladly greet the signs of fall.
1. Aubrey Dress in Burgundy 
Burgundy is a beautiful color!! The rich berry red is the perfect pop of color for fall. It truly works on everyone. 
2. Indigo Run-Around Hoodie 
Lounge Wear is ALL the rage right now. From LuLu Lemon to Anthropologie to Kate Hudson's new line Fabletics, lounge wear is now appropriate to wear to run errands and grab a quick lunch. We would wear our Indigo Hoodie with a pair of jeans and sneakers or with leggings and tenni's.
3. Brooklyn Vest
This vest hardly needs any introduction. You know our [healthy] obsession with vests. We adore this vegan leather + shearling combo. 
4. Hayden Sweater in Black 
Black. Black sweaters are the BEST purchase for fall. You can add a pop or color or keep the look classic and chic. This is  my favorite look for winter!
5. Macy Plaid Dress
We talked about plaid last week in this  post and we still feel the same. We love plaid. The pictures below show so many ways plaid is worn and how our greatest fashion role models wear it. 
6. Rowan Suede Shift in Blue
Harper Bazaar has declared Summer Suede for spring!  Suede is the softest fabric! It also is THE fabric for fall [and now spring]. We are drooling over our blue suede dress. Layer this with a vest-- fab! Pair this with tights and boots and you have just dressed yourself like you are at NY Fashion Week! Adding this to my wardrobe ASAP!
7. Black Vegan Leather Sweater
We do have a leather obsession, especially one with sleeves. This is one of our favorite tops tonight! We love it so much that we are also selling it in taupe. 
We look forward to seeing you at the auction tonight! Happy shopping!
Other looks for tonights auction below 
*we do not claim these pictures as our own. If you would like your picture taken down, please let us know*

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