Let's Talk Layers

Posted on 05 October 2015

As fall approaches and cooler days are in sight, I have decided it's time to post about layers. A more of 'how to layer 101'. I am no expert in the area, but I have called upon my dear friends Olivia Palermo, Fashion Bloggers and other Celebs to help us out. :) 

Layering is quintessential for fall. Layering is not only important for warmth, but also accomplishes that fashionable look. However, layering can be tricky. I have found it helpful to find different ways to layer so that I don't look the same every time I leave the house. So without further ado, Let's Layer.

1. We will start simply. The sweater + vest layer + scarf. This is the simplest and easiest layer. This is perfect for a day out and about when there is a chill in the air, or even a causal dinner. You can find all three of these options with us! 

Mia Gray Top, White Quilted Vest & Oversized Blanket Scarf


2. This next layer is one of my personal favorite combos. There is nothing better than a chambray shirt + sweater. The leather pants are a perfect example of another way you can fashion this (depending on your day, jeans would be a great substitution). You can then choose whichever shoes you prefer, leopard fats, black ankle boots, tall brown boots--you name it, it goes.

Juliet Chambray Button-Up, Molly Tunic & Layla Liquid Leggings


3. Next up we have the plaid + sweater. Another simple combo that layers so well! This is perfect for everyday. The plaid adds some color to the simplicity of the sweater. 

Beckham Plaid, Blair Heather Gray Sweater & Jackson Jeans


4. Dress + Vest = always a good idea. This combo is a personal favorite. Love that vests truly go with everything! 

Isabella Gray Sweater Dress & Dylan Faux Shearling Vest in Black

Stella Black Dress, Dylan Faux Shearling Vest & Leopard Booties


5. This next look is just plain fabulous, from the leopard jacket to the boyfriend jeans. This is such an easy layer!

Juliet button up, Madison Charcoal, Jackson BF & Phoebe Leopard

I hope this has helped your layering process :). Check out our Pinterest page to see some of our other favorite layers. 

Lastly, Wanted to share a way on how to tie scarf. This is essential for fall. 



*we do not claim any of these pictures as our own. If you would like us to take your picture down, please let us know.

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  • Molly Rhodes : October 05, 2015

    I love this blog! Thank you ladies!!!!! Awesome tips!

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