9.23.15 Auction

Posted on 23 September 2015

I had a hard time the first few months of my first semester in college. I don't really enjoy change, so the big move away from my comfort zone was definitely an adjustment. However, I quickly learned about online shopping and how receiving packages in the mail brought temporary happiness. Let's just say, my freshmen budget was quickly shot... If you are feeling sad [or happy] join us at our auction tonight. We have amazing items at an affordable price! You will feel better, I promise :)


1. Mackenzie Denim Dress

As you have seen, the gals at The Find Acutions love love denim. Any time that we can get our hands on it, we do. We love the timeless of denim. This week are loving the denim dress. Love that you can layer the denim dress with a vest, scarf, or necklace. Love.


2. Leigh Striped Wrap Sweater

I'm all about elbow patches. I think they are just amazing. They are classic and have been around for years, they never go out of style. I see an elbow patch and I think: fall. I love how the elbow patch goes with cardigans and sweaters! Take a look below on how you an style :)



3. Reversible Plaid Scarf 

Scarves are THE accessory for fall. One practical reason we love them is because they keep us warm. We also love them, because they are oh so cute!! We are loving this one we have for tonight. It is practical and fabulous all in one. How? It is reversible! You can wear it 2 ways! 


4. Oatmeal Faux Fur Cardi

This cardi is one word, fabulous! Love the fur detail on the collar as well as the braided detailing in the back. You can wear this cardi with anything, from jeans to joggers! 


5. All Shades of Gray 

Tonight is filled with all shades of gray. We adore gray. It truly is a neutral and goes with everything.  Try one or all of our gray items tonight. You won't regret it! 

We have other amazing items tonight! Come join our auction at 8:30pm.

*we do not claim any of these pictures as our own. If you would like your picture taken down, please let us know*

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