How To: Wear Ankle Boots

Posted on 13 November 2015

How To: Wear Ankle Boots

The question of the century is "how to wear ankle boots?" Can I wear them with boyfriend jeans? Skinnies? Skirts? Dresses? The answer is YES to all of the above.

1. Boyfriend or Looser Jeans. Jeans have the most questions when it comes to tucking or not tucking in. After further research, we have some answers. If you are wearing looser or boyfriend jeans, do not tuck them into your ankle boots. Instead, roll them above-- about 1/2-1 inch cuff above your boot. Shoving looser pants into an ankle boot, doesn't look too great :) A rolled cuff looks better. 



2. Skinny Jeans or Leggings. Do tuck skinnies into ankle boots. There is no need to cuff the skinnies above the boot. Leggings are the same. Because they are skin tight, they are perfect to tuck in. 

3. Skirts. Yes you can definitely wear ankle boots with skirts. However, please take note of the length. The shorter the skirt the worse ankle boots will look. It will not look 1. flattering or 2. appropriate. We think with a flat or low heel, you can even wear an ankle boot to work. We also suggest wearing a higher heel with a longer skirt. High heel boot = longer looking legs. 


4. Dresses. Boots + Dress is another great combo. You can wear this year round. During winter, we suggest pairing your ankle boot with tights. We also suggest matching your tights to your boot color (black with black and brown with brown). Do not pair black tights with colored boots, because they will create a "stubby" look. 



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