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Posted on 06 January 2016


Anna Wintour is a very smart woman! A new year means a fresh start, a blank canvas. Some of your resolutions might be to shop less.. BUT 2016 also means a fresh new wardrobe! We are here to help you in that department. We have fashionable clothes that won't break your bank. See you on Facebook & Instagram: Wednesday nights at 8:30pm CST.

1. Miller Gray Sweater

Loose turtlenecks are essential for the cold season! These cowl necks keep you warm while giving you a fashionable look! They are cozy and cute! Love to pair them with jeans or leather pants. Also, you can wear any shoe you want--ideal! Love this look! 


2. Hillary Striped Tunic

Stripes. Tunics. "These are a few of our favorite things." We love the classic black and white combo! This tunic is great for day to day. You can dress it up or down. Also, how cute is this on with a baby bump?! Love this tunic for the winter/spring season!

3. Turquoise Horned Necklace

Horned Necklaces are everywhere right now! They go with everything! As shown below, the celebrities love this look! Turquoise is a great pop of color to go with most of our tops! Love!


4. Avery Black Leather Shirt

How chic is this black leather button up?! This shirt is perfect for layering or wearing as is. You can wear it as a button-up and pair it with black pants, jeans or tucked into a skirt. You could also wear it like a little jacket. As seen in the picture above, pair with white top underneath and leave it unbuttoned. This top is fabulous and works well to dress up or down.


5. Ford Yoga Pants in Pink

Working out is hard enough. BUT, having cute workout clothes makes it a tad bit easier, don't you think?! I assure you that these pink yoga pants will make working out fun....maybe not. I can at least promise that you will look fashionable. We love the pink ombre look! 



*we do not claim any of these pictures as our own. If you would like yours taken down, please let us know.*

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