Become a Standout at Summer Weddings

As the RSVPs and “Save the Date!”s fill up more and more magnetic space on the outside of your fridge, one thing becomes clear: wedding season has made its rotation around the sun and is back with us once again. Weddings are exciting — finally, a time where you and all your close college girlfriends are in one place. Weddings can be stressful — how am I going to manage taking PTO and affording a plane ticket? No matter what feelings weddings bring about, common ground is found within the fashion.
We might not think of a wedding as a red carpet runway, but for everyone who’s not getting married, it kind of is. Of course, we’re there to celebrate our loved ones who are in the spotlight — and we absolutely do. But so much of the fun of weddings starts with the eternal question: what am I going to wear? Those summer dresses you have hanging in your closet are, erm, fine, but the dust has collected and the trends have changed. You don’t want to simply show up to the weddings, you want to stand out. And with the trendy summer outfits from The Find Auctions, you can absolutely do so. Once we sell out of a product, it’s gone — which means the summer dress that you purchase is likely not going to be seen or worn by anyone else. Take it from us, this might not be your wedding, but this is absolutely your year to look incredible.




Standout Summer Wedding Outfits

You have the answers and the details to that upcoming wedding(s), your travel plans are coming together, your college friend group chat has blown up with
excitement and anticipation, and now’s the time to figure out what you’re going to wear. Know that whatever you choose, your confidence and personal style
is what will stand out the most. But having a little guidance in deciding what to wear never hurts.

The Understated Casual

This is the summer dress for the person who loves their dresses without discomfort. You want to dance, kick your shoes off, and meander through the grass with a glass of something strong in a Mason jar — not feel constricted and limited due to your outfit. Fashion is important to you, but practicality and comfort are even more essential. Something like our Meredith Stripe Dress or our Walker Striped Dress would be great options for you. Cozy, but chic; classy, yet casual. Easy to move around in, light, airy — the essential summer dress for the essential summer wedding.


The Classic Black

They say black isn’t a color, and they’re right — it’s a lifestyle. Whereas some see black and think of mourning, you see joy and possibility. Black dresses are hardly ominous; in fact, they’re quite the opposite. They’re iconic, just like you and your style. The antithesis of the white that weddings are known for, black summer dresses are perfect for a summer evening wedding. Imagine walking across the dance floor while the crickets are chirping and the Edison light bulbs are hanging overhead, and you can’t see the stars, but you know they’re there. This scene is only made better by you, a vision in midnight, with a black summer dress that can’t be beat. Our Charlie Maxi Dress or Bradshaw Black Midi are just the styles that will have all eyes on you. Hopefully the bride and groom won’t mind

The Wear-In-Any-Weather

Those summer weddings are all fun and games until a massive thunderstorm rolls in. Life gets a little more complicated when a couple’s happiest day is joined by some inclement weather, but it doesn’t mean that the show can’t go on. Fortunately, there are summer dresses that you can wear, rain or shine, hot and muggy or cool and breezy. And they’re right here at The Find Auctions.

You might not think “long sleeves” when you think of a summer wedding dress, but our Kimberly Slate Dress is an amazing option. Flowy and breezy, complete with bell sleeves, this is the summer dress that will be perfect for those warm days that turn into cool nights, or for that auspicious looking raincloud that seems to be making its way toward the altar. With wedges and a pendant necklace (and perhaps an umbrella), the wild wedding weather will have nothing on you.


The "Say No to the Dress"

Summer dresses are great, but they might not be for you — or perhaps not for you with this particular wedding. You should be able to relish in and take as much joy as anyone on a TLC reality show does when it comes to choosing and rejecting outfits. Plus, who says dresses are the only trendy summer outfit around? Not you, and certainly not us. Skirts are always an option, but we’re inclined to think a jumpsuit might be just up your alley. Our Rebecca Jumpsuit in Black is the exact type of trendy, stylish, and classic outfit that could absolutely work for a wedding. Jumpsuits can be dressed up or down however you may choose, and regardless of if you deck yourself out in accessories or take the route of a purist, you’ll look nothing short of stellar. Additionally, the Meg One Shoulder Jumpsuit is another essential choice, especially exceptional for a beach or destination wedding. Whichever non-dress you end up going with, the summer wedding scene will be blessed with your appearance.


The Floral Patterns

Sure, it’s traditional, and at this point, rather expected to see at a wedding, but going with a floral patterned dress doesn’t mean you’ll be any less of a standout once the big day arrives. In fact, there’s something quite lovely about emulating the environment around you, and florals in summer are such a perfect — dare we say it — marriage of fashion and flora.

The Cooper Floral Dress is the exact type of summer dress that balances color and pattern. One look at this dress, and practically anyone can envision themselves showing up in style to the weddings that are quickly approaching. And we say “weddings,” plural, because look how cute this is — who could possibly wear this dress only once? Looking for a floral patterned dress that’s a little more boho and a little less traditional? Our Mackenzie Maxi is just the one. Ideal for a rustic barn wedding or other outdoor country venue, the blues, whites, and browns combine in the most perfect of ways.

The Destination

Traveling in itself is amazing, but when you get an excuse to book that plane ticket and dig out your passport, it’s that much better. Destination weddings aren’t the most common, but they have definitely grown in popularity over the past decade or two. Sometimes destination weddings are more affordable (or at least, for the bride and groom) than inviting the entire extended family and all of their friends to a nearby venue.

But one essential fact remains: if you’re taking the trip for a destination wedding this summer, you want your summer dress to stand out in even greater heights. Weddings are not an ordinary, everyday occurrence (unless you were in a sorority in college, then they might feel that way), and a destination wedding is even more of a rarity. You need your style to spark, which is why our many fuschia options — such as the Ryan Maxi and Halton style dresses — will make sure that you look the part of destination wedding guest. After all, if you’re somewhere exotic and fun, why shouldn’t you continue to stand out?




The Country Wedding

We’re not saying you should buy a pair of cowboy boots, but we’re also not saying you shouldn’t. There’s something about country weddings that make them the epitome of summer — being outdoors, amongst the long blades of grass and the hay, the sound of grasshoppers and the flicker of fireflies, all of these elements combine to make any one of us suddenly feel the need to go country.

Rustic barn weddings continue to grow in popularity, and there’s a style that can absolutely match this type of event. Softer blues, paler colors (but not white, of course), and subtle patterns make a lovely statement at a country wedding. As you and your loved ones are enjoying the music and meals and pallet sign decorations, you’ll be sure to fit the theme with summer dresses from The Find Auctions. Our Lanning Dress in Blue would be just the style you’re looking for, or try out our off-the-shoulder Addison Denim Dress for a look that will have everyone asking, “where’d you get your dress from?!”

The This-Is-My-Fifth-Wedding-of-the-Season Outfit

Let’s face it — we get to a time in our lives where it seems like every single person is getting married. It’s not all that uncommon for people to have three, four, or even five or six weddings — in a single summer alone! And as much as we love the idea of everyone buying a new outfit every time they head to the church and then reception, we recognize that sometimes, you just need one or two solid dresses that you can rotate out.

Our Avalon Dress in Fuschia is a classic, a standard, and for the best news yet: it has pockets. Perfect for when you thought you forgot your lipstick at home, but then find it in the pocket of this dress that you wore at the last wedding you attended! Our Rowe Maxi in Navy is another outstanding option for something a little more timeless. Either way, either of these dresses can be rocked again and again, and still look phenomenal.






Get Your Summer Wedding Outfits From The Find

Our women’s online clothing boutique stays up on the trends at all times, constantly updating and upgrading our inventory to ensure your wardrobe slays and your look is always in style. When we sell out of a product or clothing item, we don’t feature it again, meaning that you get unique, hard-to-replicate options that your closet will thank you for.

Wedding season is an opportunity for you to connect with loved ones, to catch up with friends, and to commemorate this enthralling new adventure for the happy couple. Through all of this, you want summer dresses and trendy summer outfits that match the exhilaration and joy that you’re experiencing, and our clothing boutique is the perfect place to make that happen. Before the ones you love say “I Do,” shop our site and say yes for yourself — the quintessential summer wedding outfit will make that big day all that much brighter.


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